bluepos® Kitchen Display

14.Jan 2019 | Company

SCHULTES POS systems are taking the digitalisation of the kitchen even further – with the bluepos® Kitchen Display for displaying orders on a screen. The Kitchen Display is more than just an “electronic clipboard”: the interactive system with its modern design optimally supports the work processes in the kitchen and provides a better overview of the orders and the status of their preparation. The preparation status of each item is displayed and can be displayed in different views with filters if desired. The sequence is controlled by changing the preparation status, then a receipt can be printed.

The Windows software has been developed by our experts and can be combined with hardware of your choice – from all-in-one solutions to industry-certified monitors and standard devices. Configure the Kitchen Display according to the workflow in your kitchen, even the color and size settings can be customized. The Kitchen Display can be seamlessly integrated into the SCHULTES bluepos® ordering concept with printer control (S-700 bluepos® at least version 1.9.7). You need one license dongle per Kitchen Display and possibly a compound license in S-700 bluepos®.