Corona crisis – sources of income for restaurateurs

02.Apr 2020 | Industry

The bluepos® cash register software offers functions that can help gastronomic businesses to generate sales or increase liquidity even in times of the Corona crisis.

By official order, all catering establishments are closed, only shops selling food and businesses with delivery or pick-up service are currently open. For many of our clients this means that all running costs have to be met without any income. Government subsidies can help here. Tax consultants can certainly provide more competent information on this than a manufacturer of cash register systems. Interesting information can be found here from the DEHOGA association. But there are also functions on the cash register side that can help gastronomic businesses to generate sales or increase liquidity even in times of the Corona crisis. Download the article as PDF here.

1.) Delivery service and collection

Off-premise food sales are also allowed in the Corona Crisis. The bluepos® supports this function optimally: Already in the basic license an extensive customer management with the search for name, customer number and telephone number is included. The basic license also includes the assignment of collection times and optionally collection numbers to processes. With the license “Extended customer functions” the solution becomes perfect:


  • Call Monitor
    direct assignment of caller to deposited customer
  • Customer Info Dialog
    with display of all relevant customer data incl. Order history
  • Client statistics
    Top seller evaluation
    Article last order
    optionally also to be shown during the order
  • Use of card service providers
    Address visualization and travel time calculation
    QR code on invoice starts route calculation for the driver

2.) Voucher sales

In the current situation, every additional euro raised helps to cover the running costs of leases, salaries, etc. Many regular customers would like to stand by their favorite restaurant, and are willing to help the restaurant through this difficult time by purchasing gift certificates. By selling vouchers, every restaurateur can initially increase his liquidity. The bluepos® software supports the user in an optimal way: The optional function of the voucher management makes the issue and redemption of vouchers a child’s play.


  • Voucher campaigns
    Any number of voucher campaigns with separate
    number ranges are created
  • Voucher types / taxation
    Single-purpose and multi-purpose vouchers can be managed.
  • Voucher printout
    The printout is possible on both receipt and A4, and this
    optionally with QR code.
    A PDF dispatch by e-mail is in preparation, and will be available as soon as possible.
    Update will be available.
  • Redemption of the vouchers
    The redemption is possible by scanner as well as by manual input.
    the voucher number.
  • Voucher tracking
    All transactions for a voucher can be processed, from the issue to the
    complete redemption can be traced.
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