Compulsory returnable packaging in the catering industry: Schultes cash register solutions for the ideal deposit system

12.Dec 2022 | Industry

Plastic waste is a growing problem of our time. With the legal obligation to use reusable containers for out-of-home sales of food and beverages, the legislator wants to respond to this challenge – and thus presents the catering industry with its very own challenges. How can practical implementation succeed, especially for delivery services, but also restaurants and snack bars?

Take-away and delivery also mandatory in reusable containers

It used to be quite simple: The guest orders, the dish is prepared, well packaged and delivered. From 2023, the mandatory reusable packaging will make things a little more complicated. Because of the new regulation, bistros, delivery services and restaurants are henceforth required to allow takeaway or delivery of food and beverages in reusable containers as an alternative to disposable packaging. Only small businesses such as snack bars with a maximum of five employees and 80 square meters of sales area are to be exempt. Here, however, customers are to be allowed to bring their own containers for filling with food and beverages if they wish. In the future, all gestronomes should also clearly point out this possibility.

Customized deposit solutions with bluepos®.

The switch from single-use packaging to reusable containers in “to-go” operations is often only feasible for the catering industry via a deposit system. But how can the existing processes be extended to include a corresponding workflow in an uncomplicated way? For good reason, we have always developed our POS systems in an agile and dynamic manner. Users have the option of creating product-related deposit items and thus also integrating individual deposit solutions into their workflows. Of course, our specialized trade also offers help with integrations in this regard. This means that we can also take into account individual deposit systems in your POS system that are precisely tailored to the respective requirements of your catering business.

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