Corona crisis hits hospitality industry hard

29.Mar 2021 | Industry

The regulatory measures to contain the coronavirus are hitting the hospitality industry particularly hard. By order of the authorities, all catering establishments were already closed at the beginning of the pandemic. Only establishments with delivery or pick-up service are currently open.

While stores and businesses have been allowed to reopen under restrictions since April 23, 2020, food service establishments in many states remain closed with the exception of takeaways. For many of our clients this means that all running costs have to be met without any income. Government subsidies can help here, e.g. relief through reduced VAT on meals from 01.07.2020.

As of May 11, 2020, restaurants will be allowed to reopen in some states. However, this is only possible if strict distance and hygiene rules are observed. Other federal states are planning similar steps in the near future. We wish all restaurateurs every success under these difficult conditions. And above all, stay healthy!

Tax consultants can certainly provide more competent information about tax relief, state subsidies and short-time work than a manufacturer of cash register systems. Interesting information can be found here from the DEHOGA association.

However, as a manufacturer of cash register systems especially for the hospitality industry, we would like to show you solutions how you can achieve a little turnover even in these difficult times despite all obstacles.

Take advantage of the functions provided by our S-700 bluepos® POS software. Our voucher solution and the functions for controlling out-of-home sales deserve special attention here.

The opening of restaurants for guests from 11.05.2020 is subject to strict conditions in some federal states: tables may only be allocated after reservation, and in some cases guests must be registered by name. With bluepos® table reservation you can comfortably meet these obligations.

For hygienic reasons, contactless payment is generally preferred. Here, too, the S-700 bluepos® offers a convenient solution with the cashless payment module.