mobile payment with bluepos® pay

01.Apr 2022 | Company | Products | Top News

Mobile payment with bluepos® pay

Contactless payments and mobile payments have enjoyed growing popularity, and not just since the Corona crisis. In the bluepos® system, we have therefore long enabled cashless payments to be accepted in various ways. With the new bluepos® pay solutions, we are now consistently expanding the possibilities to make cashless payment processing at your bluepos® checkout even more convenient. The new offer includes attractive rates and modern payment terminals with which you can receive classic card payments or contactless payments via NFC. Of course, the entire payment process is perfectly integrated into the bluepos® system. The new payment solutions harmonize excellently with bluepos® mobile, for example: In the future, they will not only take orders flexibly, but can also accept payment directly at the table afterwards. In conjunction with my.bluepos e.bon, the entire payment process can even be carried out completely digitally if desired.

Cashless payment systems for the catering industry

Cashless payment systems offer benefits to canteens, large restaurants, and system caterers, as well as to small catering establishments. For example, increase the efficiency of your operations by eliminating the need to give change. Particularly in counter operations or with larger groups of guests, the payment process without small change can be made much more convenient for both the restaurateur and the guest. Likewise, guests can consume food and beverages regardless of their cash reserves. So a depleted cash supply no longer stands in the way of a nightcap.

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