Paperless receipts via e.bon

30.Mar 2022 | Company | Products

my.bluepos e.bon – The paperless alternative to the receipt!

Create paperless receipts with bluepos® and save valuable resources and cash with every cash entry. With the connection of your cash register to the my.bluepos® Cloud, the upload of the receipt data is either fully automatic with each registration process or you control the type of receipt output manually at the touch of a button. The process, as well as the design of the e.receipt, can be adapted to your needs in bluepos®.

Easy retrieval via QR code

You can conveniently provide your customers with the e.bon via bluepos® customer display or in the mobile service also via bluepos® mobile. The customer simply scans the QR code displayed on the rear display or mobile device with his smartphone and receives an individual link to the download as a PDF. Depending on the payment type, in addition to the typical cash receipts and invoices, the associated payment documents can also be transmitted in a common transaction and then downloaded as a document package. This will save you even more superfluous paper and, if necessary, an additional printer. In conjunction with our mobile systems and the new bluepos® pay payment solutions, orders and payments can even be processed completely digitally if the guest so desires.

Of course, the my.bluepos e.bon meets the legal requirements for a digital receipt and, thanks to individual encryption, is only available for download to the respective customer.