bluepos® News Winter 2022/23

12.Jan 2023 | Company | Products

Before updating, please be sure to read the notes in the respective version information!

New functions and updates in the bluepos® system

Pager / Waiter call

ratiotec connect

The smart restaurant solutions from
ratiotec connect
can now also be used together with our bluepos® POS software. In addition to the use as a classic pager call system for guest call, advanced functions for waiter call, guest feedback or table tracking applications can also be realized with the help of the ratiotec-connect platform and bluepos®.

Flextouch Ratiotec Connect

Updates at a glance

Further innovations and changes

Tip optional not to pay

  • Enhancements around the “tip handling” options
  • Implementation of the “Tip payment” button, through which the accrued tip of the logged-in operator in the current accounting period is displayed. When the key is pressed, the cash balance is checked. If this is not enough to pay the tip, a corresponding message is displayed. If there is sufficient cash on hand, the tip amount is displayed in the dialog and, upon confirmation, a corresponding expense creation (incl. receipt) is created and the drawer is opened.
  • Various new report fields for the allocation of individual TIP amounts to invoices
Export and import of vouchers
  • The voucher management has been extended with an export and import function.
  • The import of vouchers is documented in the EJournal.
  • Support of the thermal printer KUBE II, which can be connected via RS232, USB and Ethernet.
  • Support of the USB printer permanently installed in the Colormetrics C1400 complete system. The printer appears with the designation ‘Printer 1400’ in P21.
  • New firmware has been released for the already supported POS80D printer. To avoid incompatibilities with devices already in use, the additional printer type “POS80D_2” has been made available in P21. This is to be used in case of problems with the printer type “POS80D”.
  • New firmware has been released for the already supported RCH PRP58 printer. This is now supported and the printer is recognized correctly.
  • It waits for pending print jobs before shutting down/restarting.
  • Implementation of the new optional report “Vouchers by numbers” (Default-VoucherCampaignReport), which can be reloaded in P42. This shows the issued and redeemed vouchers of bluepos® own voucher management with the corresponding voucher number. Vouchers from third-party providers (e.g. Gurado) are not listed in this report. Similarly, for imported vouchers, only transactions that occurred after the import are displayed.
  • The totals of the open vouchers in the financial report were previously calculated continuously, i.e. the value of the pre-closing +/- redemptions, expenses, etc.. This procedure took over possible erroneous data from the past and adopted them. The procedure has now been changed so that during the daily closing process the current total of open vouchers is determined only from the voucher table of the database. In addition, the evaluation per voucher campaign in the reports was optimized.
Detach room assignment from operation
  • By entering 0 on the 179.1 “Assign room” key, a room assignment can be removed again in the process.
Ratiotec Connect Pager
  • Integration of the Ratiotec Connect Pager. This is displayed as “(7) Ratiotec Connect” in P31.19.
  • The Exit button (red X in the upper right corner) will only be displayed if the bluepos® window is not active (e.g. because a website is open). In addition, the red wine glass icon is no longer displayed for the “Teamviewer Panel” window.
  • Teamviewer can now also be started outside of software maintenance.
  • A test button for opening drawers was implemented in P31.16. While one of the drawers 1 to 6 is focused, the “Open” button is active and can be pressed.
Database import
  • When importing, the PCKasse web interface can now also be reset.
  • When deselecting PCKasse DebitApi, certificates and access data are now also deleted from the database.
DFKA taxonomy and DSFinV-K
  • The DSFinV-K export checks are now based on version 2.3 of DFKA Taxonomy Cash Data and DSFinV-K.
  • For DSFinV-K and taxonomy, the ignore reason is specified as for articles.
Key 30 Cancellation
  • Re-implementation of subcode 3 “Cancellation main item”, which works only when current inserts or menus are processed. All the items for the main item or menu of the current offset will be canceled.
Key 311 Switch off
  • A dialog is displayed in the regmode for 30 seconds (except for key chains) in which the shutdown or restart can be canceled.
  • For Austria, smart cards of the card type “a.sign premium ACOS-ID” bb are supported immediately. The smart cards of this card type have been shipped by A-Trust since December 2022.

Key 49 “No sale

  • New options for key 49 “No sale”:
    • “No sale: enter reason”: If the option is set, a reason must be entered when the button is pressed. Optionally, a preset text can be stored. The entered/selected reason is also displayed in the EJournal.
    • “No sale: print receipt”: If the option is set, a receipt will be printed on the primary invoice printer with the default header and footer, the text “No sale”, and the reason if applicable.
Connection BIXOLON SPP-R310
  • The belt printer BIXOLON SPP-R310 is now supported and can be used with bluepos® mobile.
  • If e-guma is used in an invoice, the invoice cancellation can now optionally be prevented. For this purpose, the new option “Lock RE cancellation” has been implemented in P883.
bluepos® mobile
  • Printer status detection between bluepos® and bluepos® mobile has been improved so that printers connected to bluepos® mobile are detected more quickly.
  • New options for skimming change
  • Functional enhancements for ImaCash connection:
    • Advanced encryption
    • New placeholders The amount of money as well as the logged-in operator are now transmitted encrypted.
    • ImaCash payments can now be cancelled in bluepos® as well as in ImaCash