KassenSichV: Receipts are getting shorter!

08.Sep 2021 | Industry | Products

The Cash Register Security Ordinance regulates exactly what must be printed on a cash register receipt. Until now, the signature of the certified technical security equipment (TSE) had to be readable by anyone without machine assistance.

This requirement was amended in the KassenSichV on 30.07.2021:

“The second sentence of Section 6 of the KassenSichV is amended to read as follows:
The information pursuant to sentence 1 must
1. readable by anyone without machine assistance or
2. be readable from a QR code.
The QR code according to sentence 2 number 2 has to correspond to the digital interface of the tax authorities (DSFinV), which is prescribed for the respective type of recording system. The digital interface is published on the website of the Federal Central Tax Office, as amended from time to time.”

(Source: Federal Law Gazette 2021 Part I No. 50 of 09.08.2021)

QR code replaces signature text

The mandatory information for the TSE signature can now also be displayed in a QR code as an alternative to the previous text display.
With the QR code, the text block of the TSE signature can be dispensed with.

Each slip is 3 cm shorter!

We have measured it: With the smallest font and compressed printing, the text field for the TSE signature is at least 3 cm high. Since the QR code is usually already printed, each document is shortened by a considerable 3 cm!

Shorter documents save money

In a sample calculation, the Federal Ministry of Finance estimates that 108,000 km of Bonpapier could be saved annually, which would correspond to a total annual saving of approx. 2.1 million euros(source: German Bundestag, printed matter 19/29085).


Receipts with QR code in the bluepos® system

Obviously, the recent changes result in a great savings potential for every user. The idea of sustainability should also not be forgotten, as the reduced paper consumption also reduces the consumption of resources. We expressly welcome the amendment to the Cash Register Security Ordinance because it provides our users with the opportunity to save costs. We have therefore taken into account the changed requirements of the KassenSichV in our bluepos® cash register software. Per option it is possible in current program versions to display the TSE signature on documents exclusively as QR code and to switch off the output as text block.