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07.Sep 2021 | Company | Products

Before updating, please be sure to read the notes in the respective version information!

New functions and updates in the bluepos® system

TSE / KassenSichV

Shorter receipts due to TSE signature in QR code

According to the latest amendment of the KassenSichV, a QR code is sufficient as a readable TSE signature on the receipt. In bluepos® you have the choice whether you want to print the TSE signature as a Texblock, QR code or also combined.

In any case, we have measured: With the smallest font and compressed printing, the text field for the TSE signature is at least 3 cm high. If you want to make use of the new possibilities, you will not only reduce your printing costs, but also save valuable resources.


bluepos® customer display

Control customer display via network

Customer displays can now be used even more flexibly with bluepos® and positioned at the POS, because the bluepos® customer display can also be addressed via network from version 2.0. For this purpose, a new option “IP/Host external customer display” for the use of an (external) customer display has been implemented in the system settings. This means that it can now also be used with our hardware POS systems. Of course, a customer display on PC POS systems can still be addressed via the file interface on the local computer.

bluepos customer display posiflex

Updates at a glance

Further innovations and changes

Table to table split

Internal change and simplification in table-to-table split. The items to be split are now added to the target operation. Previously, a new process was always started, which required more internal bookings and could also lead to problems in sorting on the kitchen monitor. The use of the function in the POS system itself does not change.

DATEV My fiscal

Implementation of a complete backup of the TSE data in program “DATEV MeinFiskal (85)” with the button “Save TSE completely”.

  • For existing connections, the TSE signatures are transferred to DATEV MeinFiskal again. This is required once after an update and a corresponding message appears when entering the Prog-Mode for the first time after the update.
    • Note with the information that the backup can take several hours and the TSE is not reachable during this time.
    • The backup can be triggered immediately or with the next daily closing.
  • The TSE exports to DATEV are now always done as a .tar file. Until now these were additionally zipped
Hotel interface
  • In the Ibelsa hotel interface a payment position is always exported, also financial ways with payment amount 0 are exported. If necessary, a blank payment is added. This means that invoices paid in full with vouchers can also be transferred.
  • Introduction of the new system option in P31.19 “Check guest at closing”. If this is activated, the system checks again when the close button is pressed whether the guest is still “checked in”, i.e. is in the file. The file is not retrieved again, but the status from the opening of the offset is used. It prevents a bill from being posted to a subsequent guest in a room.
bluepos® lite

The key 22 “PLU price” is now also available in bluepos® lite.

Reservation list

A selection dialog for printers is now displayed. The default printer set in P31.9 is preselected for Prog mode.

bluepos® customer display

The Customer Display can be accessed via network from version 2.0. For this purpose, the new option “IP/Host external customer display” has been implemented for the customer display in P201. If the option is not set (default), communication continues via the previous file interface on the local computer. Note: Only from the IP address that first sends a request to the Customer Display can further requests be processed. After a restart, a connection from any address is accepted again.

EKaBS Export

Introduction of the new system option “Export for financial channels only” in P31.14 to optionally restrict EKaBS export to certain financial channels. In addition, the EKaBS-JSON is now also created for trades using the 173 key, depending on the financial channel set/selected and the newly introduced system option.


Include the lines for Receivables Creation/Cancellation and Cash Balance Transfer in the following reports:

  • Chief MGR Report
  • A4 Chief MGR Report
  • A4 financial report
Key 173 Billing customers
  • When billing a customer/room via the 173.0 key, a prompt appears asking whether the invoice should be created for this.
  • The conclusion of contracts with PayPal for the resolution of receivables was explicitly blocked, as it was and is not possible due to competing document transactions.
Customer invoices with discount display

The discounts are output for each document (receivables reversal) on the payment document/AV invoice. The discount text is extended at the front with the additional text “contains” (P33: REGMODE, ID1060). The individual articles are listed in each case without discounts, so that the total is subsequently comprehensible.

Logo printing on belt printer

Logo printing is now possible on the Bixolon SPP-R200xxx series belt printers.

  • The “Unified Mobile Utility” software from Bixolon is required to load the logos onto the belt printer. This is used to transfer the logo image to the belt printer and to specify the address at which the logo can be addressed by Editstyle.
  • For normal invoices (<ImageNr=1> in Editstyle) the address ” ” (two spaces) must be set in the Bixolon tool.
End of day

Key 211 “Daily closing” can no longer be called from Reg-Minus. A corresponding message is displayed.

Validation of VAT ID

Die Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer wird jetzt schon bei der Eingabe geprüft, ob diese dem Schema <de+9 ziffern=””> entspricht. The check is carried out in P3 Customer and in the New Customer dialog, which is triggered via the 172 key.</de+9>


The filter in the EJournal has been expanded to include debit and prepaid card revaluations. These can be filtered separately.


Bluepos can store invoices in JSON format according to the “Electronic Cash Receipt Standard Version 1.0.0” (EKaBS) defined by the DFKA as a JSON file in a directory.

  • Implementation of new options in P31.14:
    • EKaBS-Json export active: Activates the export
    • Directory EKaBS-Json-Export: Directory into which the files are exported. If none is specified, the export will be to “My Documents”.
    • EKaBS-Editstyle: Optional specification of an edit style for generating the EKaBS data. From this, mainly the line summary options are used. The display should match the invoice print edit style used.

Note: Requires the license 987827 “EKaBS-JSON-Export”, the extended Hotel Interface or the Fidelio Hotel Interface.

Database import

If a DATEV MeinFiskal connection is found during a database import, a query is made as to whether this should be transferred. Otherwise it will be deleted.

Open drawer from bluepos mobile

Implementation of the new drawer option “Open from bluepos mobile” in P31.16.


In the 212 X Report and 213 Operator Report keys, all TODAY reports have been removed. The TODAY subcodes no longer appear in the selection lists. If TODAY keys are still programmed in the interface, the appropriate report is executed in each case.

Hotel interface

The error handling during transmission with the ibelsa.rooms interface (version 2) has been improved.

  • For unknown error codes, an unrecoverable error is now always assumed, i.e. no further attempt is made to send the invoice.
  • New error codes have been added.
  • A virtual 0 position is inserted for documents without a position (funds transfer change). This way Ibelsa accepts the documents and the transmission is no longer rejected with an error.
  • Entering a room number during hotel transfer (key 81) now also works from the split layout. If you enter the room number using the numeric keys and press the 81 key, the room is assigned to the transaction and completed as a hotel transfer.
End of day

Cash counting from the settlement mode can now also be performed by operators without reg mode rights. This was not possible before. If the display of the target amount is configured for the stock entry of the cash, this now contains an additional line per financial way which displays the target amount. Via the option “Colorless Darstellung Soll-Anzeige” wird die Zeile mit dem SOLL-Betrag grün (IST=SOLL), gelb (Differenz <10% o. <1EUR) oder rot (größere Differenz) hinterlegt.

Overlapping operators

In the case of a booked revenue, which has not yet been completed on a FW, a note is displayed when the pen is pulled, indicating that the process has not yet been completed and that the pen must be reinserted. Previously, when the pen was pulled, the intake was automatically completed with BAR.

Display of open claims

The keys 170 “Customers with balance” and 179.3 “Open rooms/Open transactions (rooms)” now show open receivables as well as open balances. When a claim is selected in the context key, key 87 “Retrieve documents” is executed.


Introduction of a new option “Signature also as text” in P326, which is activated by default. If the new option is NOT set, only the time of the first order and the TSE serial number will be printed.


The following changes have been made to cash counting with a Cashlogy device connected:

  • In the case of a cash count, the inventory reported by the Cashlogys is automatically entered in the offsetting window.
  • The dialog for cash skimming has been revised:
    • With the key 208.11 “Cashlogy – Skimming to remaining change EURO” the denomination is preset up to the amount stored in P31.16 “Change at skimming” that this amount remains in the device. The setting whether the money is to be put into the stacker or spent must also be made in P31.16.
    • With the key 208.5 “Cashlogy – change deduction EURO with selection” the denomination itself can be specified. The setting whether the money is to be put into the stacker or spent must also be made in P31.16.
Complete invoice for external payments/down payments

For external payments/down payments, the complete invoice (type AV invoice) was realized.

  • When paying with PayPal, the down payment receipt is created as before when the payment is received.
  • When the transaction is completed, the system first creates a PBE document, in which no taxes are displayed.
  • The complete invoice (type AV invoice) has now been added, on which everything is summarized. The down payment resolution appears here as Paypal given
  • Items added after the payment has been received are also displayed on the PBE document with taxes.
Log output

Output of the Windows build version in the launcher log at application start.

Diverse Korrekturen und Leistungsverbesserungen